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Beautiful check/payment voucher printing tool for a beautiful accounting software

ChequeLabs is an online check and payment voucher printing software that works with Xero. ChequeLabs automatically captures the payable bills from Xero and once the check is printed it updates the payments automatically on Xero making it easy for accountants to manage cheques. Further, it enables to create any open check which will automatically get captured to the selected accounts in Xero accounting software.

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Support any printer

ChequeLabs support any printer so you can get your checks printed even using your home printer without any hazzle


Payment voucher print

You can easily print your payment vouchers through the system including single and bulk payments for your xero payables


Payables sync with Xero

All payables are synchronised with Xero accounting software and updated with the status, making your life so easy


Check history

You can see the history of checks printed via ChequeLabs for your record keeping and never miss any important data


Multiple Users

Create multiple users for your organisation in ChequeLabs. We don't limit the user accounts you can create


Multiple banks compatibility

ChequeLabs identify the bank and get you the correct check template for you and it is compatible with many banks


Do more with less


Print unlimited checks and vouchers and enjoy all features in the system without any restrictions. We have just one plan to boost your business productivity and that is cheap.



Get your questions answered here

  • When you register you will get a 3 months free trial with no obligations to test the system and you can print any number of checks and payment vouchers to see how it works. You will never get this from any other service available in the market.

  • Yes, in addition to printing checks, you also can print payment vouchers through the system easily including single and bulk payments under Xero payables. Using ChequeLabs, you will never have to worry about writing heaps of payment vouchers ever again.

  • Every month you will get an invoice from ChequeLabs for the payments and you can make the payments in any method you are comfortable with. We will also introduce the credit card payments soon into the system so that you won't have to worry about monthly payments any longer.

  • ChequeLabs will do the initial setting up for you and for that we will be needing some authentication details from your Xero account. Once we get this, connecting your account with ChequeLabs just takes a few minutes.

  • If you are not happy with the system, you can cancel your subscription anytime by letting us know you no longer need the system. But we are pretty sure you will love using it, plus you will get a free trial period of 3 months to test it out with no limitations.

  • Yes, you have the ability to print open cheques with ChequeLabs, you will be given the option to select the expense account in Xero to post the debit entry automatically when you print an open check through ChequeLabs.

  • Yes, you can select multiple payments under Xero payables and print just one payment voucher and a check for the contact using ChequeLabs without printing multiple checks for the same contact.

About us

We're a team of people who love helping businesses

When using Xero in our business we found a problem in finding a simple cheque printing software that works with Xero to manage our cheque and voucher printing without using any complex systems. This is the birth of the idea to create a cheque printing software which is really simple to use and does one thing that it supposed to do, printing cheques and it does it brilliantly.

Our team who has the knowledge & experience in both tech and accounting made it easier for us to understand the disruptions businesses has with printing cheques and vouchers and with ChequeLabs we strive to solve these problems by offersing a beautiful cheque printing software for your business.

chequelabs chequelabs


Protecting your data is our utmost priority at ChequeLabs

We are committed to protect our customer’s financial data with data protection at multiple layers adhering to the standards set by Xero


Providing the best support is the secret behind our success

Difficult part in business is not to win the customers but to keep them with the business. We always put our customers first in business.


Complexity was never on our priority list

We stive to build a beautiful and a simple system to solve our customers cheque printing problems. We made that happen.

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